Friday, February 27, 2015

Top 10 Campus Resources for NPC Scholars

1. Library

Though Google may give you the answer, try heading to your institution's library for a wealth of resources.

2. Career Center

The career center is a great resource for resume and interview advice, as well as, a place to learn about available internships and job openings.

3. Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor is not just there to make sure you get the classes you need, they are also there to help you throughout the term with anything course related.

4. Speaking / Writing Center

The speaking and writing centers are great resources if you get nervous before presentations or have trouble with writing assignments. These are often student led groups so you get to support from your peers.

5. Study Abroad Office

The study abroad office offers year-long, term-long and short opportunities to learn in other countries. 

6. Learning Resource Center

Not everyone is a great test taker. Others can have problems with studying. Whatever your problem is, your campuses Learning Resource Center is there to help make you the best student possible.

7. Professors

While your professor probably doesn’t have real magical powers, they can still be pretty magical people. Talking to a professor can make all the difference when you are struggling in a class. You might be surprised how much they are willing to help if you reach out to them.

8. Sisters in your major

Everyone’s favorite lawyer Elle Woods wouldn’t have gotten into law school without her sisters. Find one in your major to help you with concepts and classes, chances are they can help or know someone who can.

9. Online Learning Portal

While technology isn’t always our friend, most schools have an online portal where you can upload assignments, take quizzes and keep up to date on your classes. 

10. Health Center

Exercise and sleep can be used to help keep stress levels down and keep you from getting sick.