Friday, July 31, 2015

Feature Friday: University of Illinois College Panhellenic

The National Panhellenic Conference is the umbrella organization for more than 575 College Panhellenic Associations. These associations, comprised of all the sorority women on campus who are members of an NPC member chapter, develop and maintain sorority life and interfraternity relations at a high level of accomplishment on campus. NPC is proud of the work that College Panhellenics do throughout the U.S. and Canada, including the work of the University of Illinois College Panhellenic.

  • 2014 College Panhellenic Excellence Award recipient
  • Located in Champaign, Ill.
  • 19 NPC organizations on campus
  • Total campus sorority membership is 3,973.
  • Added 1,108 women to their Panhellenic community in 2014-15 
  • For the past two semesters the all sorority GPA has been higher than the all women’s average.
  • The University of Illinois ensures their recruitment counselors are thoroughly trained to assist potential new members (PNMs) to the best of their ability. Once they are selected to be part of the program, recruitment counselors must enroll in a spring semester class provided by the Educational Psychology Department. Women receive two credits from the University for this Class that is specifically geared toward preparing recruitment counselors, informing them on the policies and procedures of primary recruitment at the university and enhancing understanding of the National Panhellenic Conference. During the semester, the women participate in class discussions, group projects, expert lectures and interactive role-plays to prepare them for their leadership role. Course objectives include developing basic listening skills, taking an empathetic perspective and counseling micro-skills to assist in future interactions with PNMs and concerned parents as well as enhancing professionalism and ethical decision-making. The women must receive a grade of 80 percent or higher in the course in order to continue on with the recruitment counselor program. After the summer, recruitment counselors are required to return to campus a week early to continue preparing for recruitment.
  • To promote academic excellence and a unified fraternity and sorority community, the College Panhellenic collaborates with the other three fraternity/sorority councils on campus to plan and host the Greek Oscars Ceremony each spring. This event is a formal event that recognizes high achievement in Panhellenic chapters, as well as chapters from the other councils. The 2014-15 College Panhellenic president said, “We are very proud of this event, as it not only demonstrates the academic excellence in our community, but it is a great display of fraternity and sorority unity, as the councils have the opportunity to celebrate their own achievements, as well as the achievements of the other councils, all together.”
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