Monday, December 7, 2015

Message From the Chairman: Wide and Wise Human Service

Philanthropic service is a cornerstone of sorority life. By volunteering community service hours, raising awareness and through purposeful fundraising, sorority women positively impact their communities. The 26 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) inter/national organizations touch lives from aged to young, from hospitals to schools, from local communities to the world.

Collectively, sorority members representing their chapters, associations and inter/national organizations participated in over 2.9 million hours of service and donated more than $34.8 million to a variety of charitable causes during the 2014-15 year. Equally as commendable, the cooperative organizations of Alumnae and College Panhellenics volunteered for over 1.3 million hours of community service, and donated in excess of $7.9 million to admirable causes in the same year.

Statistics speak volumes, but more important is the effect that philanthropic service has on a sorority woman throughout her life.

"Service is putting people before yourself and admitting that you can be the change in the world. My sorority service gives me the opportunity to impact college women in a way that will allow them to impact others in a very real way. I am grateful for the opportunity," says Lindsey Medenwalt, Sigma Kappa alumna.

"For me, doing service is a highlight of being a sorority woman. I love being able to use my talents and knowledge to make the world a better place for others," says Emily Hoffman, Kappa Kappa Gamma collegian, Butler University.

"Service to others is being unselfish, fulfilling the needs of others and expecting nothing in return. My volunteer service to Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity and NPC has afforded me the opportunity to better my own character and to positively impact the lives of collegians," says Julie Karstetter, Alpha Gamma Delta alumna.

During this holiday season, I say thank you to each and every sorority woman for her gift of "wide and wise human service" to the world.


Donna C. King
Chairman 2015-17