Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Five Reasons Values and Ethics Matter to Sorority Women

1. Because values are the building blocks of what defines our organizations.

    This is what happens to your sorority without its values.  

2. Because being a sorority woman is a privilege earned by those who demonstrate  
positive values. 

    ... is what you should say to someone who does not live out positive values.  

3. Because ethical behavior means doing what is right for your community and for all 
sorority women, not just what is good for you or your chapter. 

    Trust Jiminy Cricket, he is wise.  

4. Because acting ethically prevents unnecessary infractions. 

    No one wants to sit in a judicial hearing about balloons and flowers. 

5. Because sorority women do not get to choose when to and when not to use values
    and ethics, they are lived each day through our choices. 

    It's easy, make choices that display the values your founders put in place for your
    organization. Your big sister will be proud!