Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Message From the Chairman: Learning Together

When my youngest daughter was in grade school, a group of mothers came together to discuss the voracious nature of our daughters’ reading, and how we could best support their love of books. A monthly mother-daughter book club formed, ushering the girls from primary school through junior high. It continues today for the same moms. Our daughters have long since graduated from college, and some have formed reading groups of their own!

Women of all ages benefit from coming together to read classics, best sellers, personal development, fiction and non-fiction. There is nothing like a good read, and the opportunity to share opinion, new insights and "ah-hah" moments with other women. When reflecting on the early years of my mother-daughter book club experience, and how impactful a book can be, I am reminded of one of the early books we read: “Who Moved My Cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson.

A story told in fable form about dealing with change in our lives, with the central characters being two mice, two small people, a block of cheese and a maze. The cheese is a metaphor for what brings us happiness in life. You may think this a rather odd choice for 8-years-old girls, but what they and their mothers gleaned from reading the book, and the lasting impressions made were significant and applicable to everyday life. Originally written for the business sector, Johnson soon discovered the lessons delivered about change in life both professionally and personally were applicable to all ages. The book has been released in several other editions including “Who Moved My Cheese for Children” and “Who Moved My Cheese for Teenagers.”

Books dedicated to personal and professional development, growth, change and well-being fill the shelves in libraries, bookstores and online. From the early formation years of the 26 NPC member sororities, women have gathered to read and study together. So, during February in honor of the Month of the Scholar, form a reading group or book club in your office, your association, with friends or as a college chapter monthly sisterhood event and feel the power of women sharing and learning from each other.

In order to jump start you on your journey of learning together, the NPC staff and I have provided a list of 12 – one for each month of the next year – personal development books. Download it here.​​​​​​​


Donna C. King
Chairman 2015-17


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