Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Setting Better Expectations About What to Expect During Recruitment

The following is a guest post from Colleen Fowkes, James Madison University, class of 2020.

This past fall, the College Panhellenic at James Madison University decided to try the Potential New Member Orientation Program (PNMO) from LaunchPoint and the National Panhellenic Conference to help better educate potential new members about what to expect during recruitment. 

As the vice president of recruitment-elect at the time, I found the PNMO program to be extremely beneficial because potential new members were able to learn about the recruitment process prior to beginning recruitment. 

The week (or weeks) of recruitment can be very hectic; therefore, I find it extremely beneficial to educate women in advance about the goals and expectations of the recruitment process. I personally reviewed the PNMO program before we had potential new members experience it, and I believe it summed up the importance and concepts of recruitment in a well-detailed manner. 

We also liked that potential new members were able to access this hour-long program through the same program they use to register for recruitment. During recruitment, there seemed to be much less confusion among potential new members on the terminology, expectations and process itself. 

This program benefited the College Panhellenic community by making our job easier before recruitment even began, and benefited potential new members by giving clear expectations of the recruitment process and experience.

About Potential New Member Orientation (PNMO)
The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) has partnered with LaunchPoint to offer Potential New Member Orientation (PNMO), a program designed to improve a potential new member’s experience with joining a sorority. This online, self-paced educational tool provides consistent recruitment education and a continuing recruitment resource to potential new members as well as a time-saving opportunity for fraternity/sorority advisors. 

PNMO covers many topics, including an overview of fraternity and sorority life, terms and definitions, an explanation of Panhellenic recruitment, benefits of membership and the sorority experience and more. 
For more information, visit the LaunchPoint website or 
email info@launchpointconsulting.com.