Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why I Wear My Badge: An Outward Symbol of Sisterhood

Sally Grant, Alpha Phi

My Alpha Phi badge is an honor badge and a replica of a founder’s badge created in 1872. It is an outward symbol of the sisterhood I enjoy with Alpha Phi sisters around the world. As a collegiate officer many years ago, I wore a similarly designed badge from the original officer of my chapter who wore it in 1887. Today, the officers of our fraternity wear badges that are replicas of those worn by the founders of the fraternity. They remind us of the vows we accepted and of the friendships we enjoy every day.

Alpha Phi was the first fraternity for women to use Greek letters as its emblem, and the official badge is the Greek letter “phi” with the Greek letter “alpha” superimposed upon it. The Phi bears the small Greek letters “a,” “o” and “e” in black. The meaning of these letters is explained during the initiation ceremony and is known only by initiated Alpha Phis.

Put on your outward symbol for sisterhood on Monday, March 3, to celebrate International Badge Day. RSVP that you'll be participating and download celebration resources from the NPC website.