Monday, February 24, 2014

Why I Wear My Badge: A Reminder of Our Founders

Sarah Lindsay, Delta Delta Delta
I wear my Stars and Crescent badge because it reminds me of Tri Delta’s founders, young college women who designed a beautiful piece of jewelry that carries with it the full meaning of Delta Delta Delta. Whenever I wear my badge, I remember all of those Tri Deltas who have educated me, encouraged me, supported me and stood beside me as I served as an officer in my collegiate chapter, as a volunteer and as an elected officer of the Fraternity. Even though several of these women are no longer with us, they continue to be an influence on me. My badge reminds me of all of those friends from my collegiate chapter who I truly cherish and all of those steadfast friends I have made as an alumna member who I cannot imagine my life without. Tri Delta’s badge is uniform; all members have the exact same badge. When Tri Deltas gather together, all are wearing the identical Stars and Crescent. It represents the full impact of the bond of sisterhood, where age has no relevance, where the understanding of shared values and commitment to one another is what matters. It is a symbol of true friendship, the kind of friendship where women support each other, stand by each other in good times and bad, are considerate, kind and loving. All of that within a simple gold crescent with three stars!

Chris Dickey, Alpha Delta Pi

I believe that it is a privilege to wear the diamond-shaped badge of Alpha Delta Pi, and each time I wear it, I am reminded of the values established by our founders in 1851. By embracing these values, I have been enabled to become a well-balanced woman and inspired to do my best in whatever I undertake.