Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why I Wear My Badge: A Reminder of the Incredible Opportunities to Serve

Julie L. Johnson, Kappa Delta

I am a proud sorority member. I believe in the opportunities that sorority membership can provide to women: leadership, altruism, encouragement in scholarly pursuits and lifelong friendships. Wearing my badge is a statement to others of the value I place in sorority membership. It is also a symbol to other sorority women that although our badges may be different, the bonds we share and the experiences we have had are similar.

The specific badge I wear now is a very special one. It was a gift given to me by Kappa Delta when I went out of office as national president. It is a beautiful badge, adorned in our sorority jewels, that always reminds me when I wear it of the incredible opportunities that I have had serving the organization. The memories and the wonderful friendship made through the years stand as a testament to the benefits and bonds of sorority membership.

In a few weeks I will have the opportunity to pin my daughter with her Kappa Delta badge at her initiation ceremony. I can only anticipate what a special moment that will be — for both of us. My hope is that she and all of today’s collegiate members come to understand the value and opportunities that sorority membership can bring. Wear your badge proudly!

Remind yourself of all the wonderful opportunities sorority has provided you by celebrating International Badge Day on Monday, March 3. RSVP that you'll be participating on Facebook, and download resources from the NPC website.