Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Five Reasons Values and Ethics Matter to Sorority Women

1. Because values are the building blocks of what defines our organizations.

    This is what happens to your sorority without its values.  

2. Because being a sorority woman is a privilege earned by those who demonstrate  
positive values. 

    ... is what you should say to someone who does not live out positive values.  

3. Because ethical behavior means doing what is right for your community and for all 
sorority women, not just what is good for you or your chapter. 

    Trust Jiminy Cricket, he is wise.  

4. Because acting ethically prevents unnecessary infractions. 

    No one wants to sit in a judicial hearing about balloons and flowers. 

5. Because sorority women do not get to choose when to and when not to use values
    and ethics, they are lived each day through our choices. 

    It's easy, make choices that display the values your founders put in place for your
    organization. Your big sister will be proud!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Message From the Chairman: Celebrating the History of NPC

In a small room in Boston in 1891, the first group of women representing seven women’s fraternal organizations gathered together in friendship, desiring to know more about each other and to discuss equitable and ethical recruiting practices. “Possessing an unshakable belief in the power of women’s friendship, they came to understand that the one thing they could not afford was to be at odds with each other.”

Common challenges for women during this period included establishing modern social mores, and improving legal rights. In an effort to make progress, continued collaboration between women’s organizations became a priority. May 24, 1902 marks the official founding date of the Inter-Sorority Conference (present day, the National Panhellenic Conference). With courage and conviction, trust and friendship, the first delegates defined what have become time-tested organizational elements of NPC including:  governing precepts/tenets, agreed-upon binding rules, guidelines for establishment of College Panhellenics and membership practices. 

Fast forward 114 years. NPC honors the collaborative spirit that brought those first women together and celebrates the timeless value and endurance of Panhellenic friendships. Today, mission, vision and values frame the daily conversations and work of NPC leadership, staff and extended NPC family, and drive the strategic direction of NPC. There may be different terminology but it follows the same trajectory as outlined in the founding years.

Mission:  The National Panhellenic Conference is the premier advocacy and support organization for the advancement of the sorority experience

Vision:  National Panhellenic Conference – Advancing the Sorority Experience Together

Values of NPC: We are committed to relationships built on trust, through transparency, accountability and mutual respect. Innovation and our core values of friendship, leadership, service, knowledge, integrity, and community guide us in fulfilling our mission.

Our mission, vision and values, coupled with a steadfast desire to preserve and protect the sorority membership experience and ideals of women’s friendships made it possible, “for an alliance of autonomous organizations to remain unified for over a century, growing stronger together than they could have ever hoped to become separately.”

Join me in recognition of NPC’s founding, and the persevering spirit of panhellenic friendships, partnerships and collaboration!


Donna C. King
Chairman 2015-17

Excerpts from Adventure in Friendship-A History of the National Panhellenic Conference