Tuesday, May 16, 2023

From the NPC Chair: State of the Conference

Dear friends,

During the recent NPC Annual Membership Meeting held April 29 in Carmel, Indiana, NPC Chair Cheri M. De Jong and NPC CEO Dani Weatherford, J.D., shared a State of the Conference report on behalf of the NPC Board of Directors with the Council of Delegates. Following the event, they recorded a video version of the report so all NPC family members and stakeholders could hear the message.

In the State of the Conference report, De Jong’s portion focuses on noting the board’s strategic framework which includes:

  • Growing our Panhellenic communities
  • Championing the sorority experience
She outlines membership trends, the challenges many member organizations face with declining enrollment and the board’s role in supporting staff. Additionally, De Jong addressed the upcoming leadership transition as the biennium comes to a close at the end of June.

Weatherford then reports on many strategic framework initiatives over the past year, noting detailed analysis and results from the campus-based digital marketing campaigns to an overview of the national marketing campaign with Carnegie. She also reports on the data analysis program and ongoing efforts of campuses looking at alternative recruitment models.

You can watch the recording of the State of the Conference here.


Cheri M. De Jong
2021-23 NPC chair

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

From the NPC Chair: Making an impact through NPC board service

It is the start of a new year and the perfect time to start fresh and re-focus. One of the things ​​​​​I think about and consider is how I am spending my time and making an impact in the various things I may be doing. As we approach the next cycle of NPC board service for 2023-25, I have been reflecting on my board service over the last two biennia—first as a director from 2019-21 and then as chair from 2021-23—and want to share how exceptional and unique my service has been on the NPC Board of Directors.

As one of the first board members to serve in our new governance model, it has been challenging and stimulating to be part of the change occurring in this organization. When the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, there was a need for strategic thinking on how to get through the crisis and ensure that our member organizations could still recruit and Panhellenics could function on our college campuses. Over the years, our board has also addressed many other issues impacting the future of sorority and the health of our Panhellenic communities—declining college enrollment, anti-sorority activism and freedom of association concerns, just to name a few.

Being a part of the NPC Board of Directors has taught me to look at the bigger picture of sorority life rather than just my own member organization leadership experience. The sorority experience looks very much the same for many of us, but the future holds numerous changes in student demographics and diversity, college life, educational systems and how our students view our member organizations. Technology and people are changing at a swift pace. NPC’s vision of advancing the sorority experience together is one that the board takes very seriously, and it truly is the mantra we look to as we meet, discuss, debate and decide on various topics and issues. 

Throughout, our board teams have worked together to make sure that NPC financial and people resources were deployed in a way to impact all of our member organizations for the better. I am so very proud of the women I have served with as a member of two different board teams. Working with our amazing CEO, Dani Weatherford, and the NPC staff and volunteers has been absolutely amazing, knowing that we are here making a difference. 

Serving as an NPC director offers a special opportunity to work with Panhellenic sisters as part of a governing board overseeing many facets that affect our member organizations and our collegiate and alumnae members. I ask you all to consider this exceptional opportunity, whether for yourself if you are an alumna or to share with others who would think and work in the panhellenic spirit to advance the sorority experience together. Review the NPC board service webpage and fill out the interest form as part of the beginning of the nomination process. 

Thank you for considering a rewarding and worthwhile board service opportunity.


Cheri M. De Jong
2021-23 NPC chair