Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The men who support sorority

Not often would the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chairman write about men, considering she leads a women’s organization. It’s possible that this organization is long overdue in recognizing and acknowledging the vast network of men who have served and currently serve as allies, advocates and supporters of the sorority membership experience. In fact, in the late 1800s it was a male professor of Latin, and not a woman, who felt the word “fraternity” was inappropriate for a group of ladies and coined the term “sorority,” the more commonly used terminology today for women’s fraternal organizations. 

A lesser-known fact is the working relationship and allied partnerships that exist between men’s fraternities and women’s sororities outside of college social and philanthropic events. Partnerships are forged to develop educational programming and initiatives, opportunities are provided for learning through leadership institutes and most important, collaboration on current issues impacting our members is the priority. NPC and the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), representing 69 men’s organizations, lead by example in the collaborative partnership and friendship they share. To our many partners representing the men’s organizations, we are most appreciative and say thank you

One might think advancing and advocating for sororities is exclusive to female executives and staff at the headquarters of the 26 inter/national NPC organizations. That is not the case. Men serve NPC organizations in a variety of staff roles including executive leadership, technology, risk management, financial management, programming, media and public relations. The perspective these men bring to the business of sorority is valued, respected and central to the ongoing work of the women’s organizations. To these valued professionals, we offer a resounding thank you for your service and commitment to advocacy for the sorority experience.

And to our most ardent supporters, during the month of June in recognition of Father’s Day, we salute the multitude of grandfathers, dads, husbands, brothers, uncles and sons who unselfishly support their granddaughters, daughters, wives, mothers, sisters and nieces in pursuit of the sorority membership experience. In my own family, dad always supported and encouraged my mom’s tireless volunteer service and burst with pride when sharing with others the leadership opportunities afforded his daughters through their sorority. Like my dad did for the women in his family, the Coachella Valley Alumnae Panhellenic has a legion of men supporting its members: the “Panhellenic Honey Doers,” more fondly referred to as Ph.Ds. 

Thank you, in a special and unique way, to the men out there who advance sorority with us! 


Donna C. King
Chairman 2015-17