Friday, August 18, 2023

From the NPC Chair: Back to School Updates

 Dear friends,

While we’re still in the throes of summer, our campuses are coming alive as our collegians return to campus during the next few weeks. Back-to-school activities and recruitment work weeks are filling up calendars as our member organizations prepare to grow their chapters and welcome new members this fall. The summer hasn’t slowed NPC’s marketing to connect young women with sorority recruitment.
NPC's marketing coaches kicked off our Fall campus marketing campaign in late spring, working with more than 100 campuses to target social media advertising at incoming and unaffiliated women and encourage them to register for recruitment.  Ads started running as early as July 10th on Snapchat, mostly. These ads are designed with imagery highlighting the local campus and current sorority members. This is the third semester of this marketing campaign, and it is gaining momentum. Additionally, for the first time, we are able to connect women responding to our national marketing campaign directly to the College Panhellenics to begin the registration process!
We are also continuing our partnership with Her Campus, a media platform that connects college women with native content written by college-aged women. Together we developed an article about the sorority experience, which is available for use by any NPC member organization. Throughout this month, seven select social media influencers in the Her Campus trendsetter network are promoting their own content, that highlights their own experiences as sorority women and offers recruitment advice to potential new members. This content will be promoted on social media channels and used in social media advertising nationally.
In addition to our marketing efforts, the Council of Delegates passed a resolution last spring to pilot a team approach to total setting, thus creating the Total Method Setting Team. This team is focused on promoting healthy Panhellenic communities while maximizing opportunities for women to join our member organizations. They have adopted a centralized, data-driven approach that also factors in unique campus situations and member organization information in identifying the best total setting method to be used on each campus.

This team has been hard at work preparing: developing methods and decision-making trees, gathering feedback and connecting with our fraternity/sorority advisors, College Panhellenics and NPC volunteers that will support this work. The team’s guiding principle is to “Do the Next Right Thing” and is taking actionable steps this term to support community health. I’m encouraged to see the Panhellenic spirit alive and well with this work.
Back to school is always a fun and exciting time. Next year, I’ll get to participate in it myself when my son starts his college journey. As we’ve been touring college campuses, one of his questions is always learning more about Greek life. My son has grown up around the sorority experience and has attended a few sorority conventions, so he’s seen first-hand the impact this experience has had on me personally. I hope each of you reading this message also shares your personal stories far and wide, including on social media. If you have a few minutes, I’d love for you to answer one of these questions on your social media platforms:

Why is sisterhood so important to you?
How has being in a sorority affected your college experience?
How has being in a sorority affected your experience after graduation?

Be sure to include tag @thesororitylife as well so your message can reach beyond your network. We would love to share your experience with women interested in sorority membership. I can’t wait to see the responses!

Best of luck to all of our college panhellenics this fall!


Kelly Beck
2023-24 NPC chair