Thursday, February 12, 2015

Top 10 Tips to Achieve a 4.0

         1. Plan a schedule of balanced activities.

    Do not overbook your life. You want to make sure that you have flexibility in your schedule for surprises.

    2. Go to every class prepared.

    Read assigned material in advance so you can participate in discussion.

    3. Sit in the front of the class.

    Sitting in the front of the class gives you less distractions so you can concentrate on what is being taught.

    4. Review notes ASAP after class.

    By reviewing notes right after class, you are able to highlight the areas that were most important and keep it fresh in your mind.

    5. Study at the same time each day.

    By studying at the same time and in the same space you maximize your efforts. Also, the earlier in the day you study, the better your comprehension.

    6. Spend no more than two hours studying one subject.

    Taking breaks and changing topics will maximize your effectiveness and enhance efficiency.

    7. Do justice to each class.

    Keep distractions to a minimum while studying and put in the same effort for each class.

    8. Take care of yourself.

    Eating properly and sleeping 7-10 hours a night is a big factor in being able to function at your highest level.

    9. Trade time – do not steal it.

    Always keep a “to do” list so you can make sure that you get everything done that you need to.

    10. Reward yourself.

    When you meet a study goal, make sure to reward yourself for a job well done.