Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Message From the Chairman: The Message of Sorority

One only has to watch a morning talk show, view the national news, read a magazine or scan a newspaper to see that sororities and fraternities are under the microscope and often the subject of interest for the general public. At the core of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) mission and vision, we advocate for the sorority experience. NPC takes seriously the challenges posed by the press and public opinion. With a professional staff and legion of volunteers, advancing a positive message centered on the benefits of sorority membership defines our initiatives and work. Gathering data to support and validate the sorority experience is ongoing. Plus, it’s a priority to engage public relations experts to help us build relationships with the media and most effectively frame, craft and articulate NPC messaging.

As NPC chairman, I log long hours in airports and on airplanes. We all know “the dance” when sitting in your seat: engage in small talk, start browsing on an electronic device or close your eyes hoping to nod off. Years ago, I challenged myself to alter my routine and tell the story of “sorority” to seatmates willing to listen. In truth, some conversations are easier than others, because people can be interested and receptive. Others come with preconceived ideas and negative stereotypes often formulated by bad press about the sorority experience.

My story is just one in a tapestry of narratives unique to each sorority woman. For more than 150 years, sorority women have been sharing their stories and advocating for the sorority experience. In a fast-paced society that expects explanation and validation as to why sororities add value to a campus and to a woman’s life, sharing our experiences does make a difference. The importance of communicating stories directly impacts the broader discussion, especially when we face negativity fueled by public opinion. Inspire yourself to share your sorority story by taking three minutes to watch the video below. 

Speaking up and sharing the sorority story, coupled with NPC’s commitment to advocate and advance sororities through factual and grounded messaging, drives the narrative necessary when we address adversity or enjoy prosperity. To all sorority women, thank you for sharing your stories. And to our publics, thank you for listening. 


Donna C. King
Chairman 2015-17