Monday, April 29, 2019

Alumnae Panhellenic Success Story: Northern Nevada Alumnae Panhellenic Welcome Program

NPC recently spoke with representatives of the Northern Nevada Alumnae Panhellenic Association (NNAP) located near Reno, Nevada, about the programs they hold throughout the year. Here's what they shared: 

NPC: What topics does your Alumnae Panhellenic typically highlight during the year for programming? 
NNAP: We have a Welcome Ceremony every May to welcome graduating sorority members into alumnae status. We hold an International Badge Day luncheon and invite collegians to the luncheon as well. Starting in 2020, we will be adding a scholarship component to the luncheon and we will be giving out one or two scholarships at the luncheon. We host multiple Sorority 101 events in the spring and summer for young women graduating high school and their parents to inform them of the benefits of sorority membership in college. We hold a minimum of two sisterhood events a year, and we provide outreach to other Panhellenic groups.

NPC: What do these events look like?
NNAP: We will hold the Welcome Ceremony one of the sorority houses near the University of Nevada-Reno campus. We expect 25-30 graduates as well as 10-15 alumnae to attend.

The International Badge Day Luncheon grows every year and this year we hosted approximately 60 sorority members. We are hoping for 75-85 attendees next year. It is held at a local event space.  

Sorority 101 will take place at some of the high schools and another location to be determined during the summer. We have been doing this event for several years.  

Our two sisterhood events this year were a Halloween-themed Bunco event, where we brought items for Lexie’s Gift, a local nonprofit (see below). We recently held an arts and crafts themed-event at our local “Board & Brush,” which is a place where you create wooden signs and artwork for your home.  

Finally, we hold an annual membership party in the summer where we come together to socialize, plan for the upcoming year and celebrate our sisterhoods. It is also a time when we collect dues and encourage membership in the Northern Nevada Alumnae Panhellenic (NNAP)!  

We also have continued our book club. They meet every other month at the homes of the members.

NPC: How does your Alumnae Panhellenic promote and support programming opportunities? Why is programming a priority for your Alumnae Panhellenic?
NNAP: We have an extensive email list that includes delegates and members and we promote our events through our meetings and emails. Programming has always been a priority for NNAP as we realize we are bigger than our individual sorority membership and it is a wonderful way to get to know so many sorority women in our community. 

NPC: What else would you like to share with fellow Alumnae Panhellenics about your events and programming?
NNAP: We have continued to be involved in our local community and supporting other women through various community entities, one of which is Lexie’s Gift. Lexie’s Gift provides clothing, school supplies and other items that students and young adults in the Northern Nevada area need. NNAP members regularly volunteer here and we just finished working with Lexie’s Prom Closet during the months of January-March, where prom dresses, shoes, accessories and tuxedos/suits were provided, free of cost, to any high school student in the area.  

We also support the individual sorority’s philanthropies by attending events held throughout the year. It is just another example of “women supporting women” in the Northern Nevada area!