Friday, May 15, 2020

Dear NPC partners, 

May is Partner Appreciation Month and I’m honored to recognize a valuable segment of our industry, our National Panhellenic Conference partners. Part of my responsibilities as director of operations is overseeing NPC’s partner program. Actually, it’s the best part of my job! Each of your businesses provide goods and services that support our organizations and their members. Thank you for your dedication to preserving, enhancing and expanding the sorority experience. Your partnership allows NPC to pursue its mission of advocating for the sorority experience through funding for educational events, programming and resources for College Panhellenics.

While the financial support is greatly appreciated and needed, it’s the genuine, personal relationships that are most prized. The most rewarding outcomes of our partnerships include the exchanging of ideas, building camaraderie and working towards common goals to better our communities and promote growth within our industry. It is a pleasure working with talented thought leaders, innovators, motivators and executors. I believe you are all are driven by the passion you posses for the fraternal/sorority experience that many of you experienced as collegians and that shaped you to be who you are today. It is a privilege to work with our partners and I thank you all on behalf of NPC for your thoughtful, dedicated and generous support.

Most gratefully,

Catherine Donaldson