Tuesday, July 13, 2021

From the NPC Chairman: 2021-23 NPC Board of Directors Is Ready to Lead the Conference

Dear friends,

Change. In life, there is always change, even for the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). Two years ago, NPC transitioned to a new organizational model. I have been honored to serve on that first governance-oriented Board of Directors as part of the new model and have been able to work with wonderful, loyal and dedicated women. A few weeks ago, the new 2021-23 board officially took their positions while four remarkable women retired from board service. 

As part of this message, I want to recognize the outgoing board members for their service and long-time commitment to NPC.

  • Carole Jones, Alpha Omicron Pi – 22 years.
  • Mary Baker, Alpha Chi Omega – 4 years.
  • Rie Hoehner, Alpha Gamma Delta – 26 years.
  • Malaea Seleski, Zeta Tau Alpha – 21 years.

The combined years of service to NPC is close to 75 years! These amazing women have served the Panhellenic community with dedication and devotion. They deserve our thanks and sincere appreciation for being a part of history on this inaugural board and all they have done to advance the sorority experience. In addition, I want to personally thank them for their friendship and their commitment to the Conference and all Panhellenic women.

I will especially remember a few personal memories about these ladies: For Carole, her steadfast leadership and unwavering commitment to representing NPC to so many in our fraternal world. Malaea, with her long-time service to NPC, as well as her charm and personality, is truly uplifting and magical to be around. Rie and her long-time commitment to NPC and her passionate support of Aggie Baseball! And Mary, our California gal, who is committed to advancing higher education for students in various ways, professionally and in her NPC service.

To each of these women, I want to say THANK YOU! While that does not even come close to being enough for all the time, talent and treasure you have given to NPC over the years, please know that your service is appreciated and has made a difference in the lives of so many Panhellenic women.

As one board transitions to another board, we now have four new women starting their service on the 2021-23 NPC Board of Directors. So please allow me to welcome our four newest directors:

  • Jennifer Daurora, Alpha Chi Omega.
  • Helen Lahrman, Pi Beta Phi.
  • Patty Purish O’Neill, Alpha Delta Pi.
  • Leslie Williams, Delta Zeta.

And those continuing to serve on the board:

  • Laura Doerre, Kappa Alpha Theta.
  • Laura Sweet, Sigma Sigma Sigma.

I am very excited about the new biennium and for this team of outstanding Panhellenic women to come together and strategically lead NPC into the future. There are many initiatives we are continuing and others we will be initiating. But, most importantly, our access and equity initiatives, recruitment reform, risk management and maintaining our single-sex status are issues at the forefront as we begin our leadership.

The board has met and already approved the following board assignments:

  • Board Governance & Education Committee – Patty O’Neill (chairman), Jennifer Daurora and Laura Doerre.
  • Finance Committee – Leslie Williams (treasurer and chairman), Helen Lahrman and Laura Sweet.

The 2021-23 NPC Board of Directors is ready for the challenge to lead the Conference. These are unprecedented times with many issues before us. Still, the most critical challenge for us is to grow our membership while promoting the sorority experience.

I am honored and humbled to serve as chairman of the National Panhellenic Conference. I serve knowing many women of tremendous character have gone before me, and I pledge to listen, learn and lead with heart.


Cheri M. De Jong
NPC chairman