Tuesday, February 8, 2022

NPC Volunteers Make a Lasting Impact on Panhellenic Communities

Dear friends,

February is a time for Valentine's Day, chocolates and flowers, and for the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), it is a time for us to say thank you to our many volunteers. NPC enjoys a rich history of outstanding, dedicated volunteers who support NPC’s operations and all Panhellenic women. 

A Special Message to All Our NPC Volunteers:

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our Panhellenic women and for the future of the sorority experience. Your dedication of time, energy, skills and knowledge will continue to positively impact our mission and achieve our strategic goals. Your caring heart, compassion, support and expertise have been transformational over your many years of service, but more poignantly these past several years during the pandemic.

Whether individuals are serving on standing or special committees or other specialized work groups, our various committee members' service is extremely appreciated. 

A shout out to our vast volunteer network!

Our Standing Committees include:

•    Alumnae Panhellenics Committee

•    College Panhellenics Committee, which includes area advisors 

•    Panhellenic Extension Committee

•    Panhellenic Judicial Appeals Committee

•    New College Panhellenics Committee

•    Panhellenic Recruitment Committee 

•    Panhellenic Release Figure Methodology (RFM) Committee, which includes RFM specialists

Our current Special Committees consist of:

•    Bylaws Review Committee

•    Community College Work Group

•    Content Creators

•    Fraternity/Sorority Advisory Committee

•    Government Relations Advisory Committee

•    Growth/Marketing Pilot Project

•    Marketing Advisory Committee

•    Reorganization Support Teams

•    Research Review Committee

•    Risk Management Pilot Project Work Group

•    Student Advisory Committee

Special pandemic-related Task Forces & other Special Committees who have concluded their work over the past few years:

•    Access & Equity Advisory Committee

•    Audit Committee

•    College Panhellenic Classification Project Work Group

•    Disruption to Panhellenic Operations Task Force

•    Education and Transparency Task Force

•    Measurable Outcomes Committee

•    Nominating Committee

•    PR & Marketing Review Group

•    Recruitment Contingencies Task Force

•    Recruitment Reform Task Force (Fully Structured Recruitment)

•    Recruitment Response Teams (RRTs)

Furthermore, we have our Advisory Committee, composed of the past chairmen of NPC. 

Lastly, I want to recognize the NPC Foundation Board of Trustees who lead that organization in its mission to visibly and collaboratively support NPC priorities and initiatives.

Looking Forward to New Volunteer Opportunities: 

As we thank our volunteers for their past and current service, we are also looking forward as we have recently announced the application process and timeline for Standing Committee members to serve for the next term of 2022-2024. You can learn more about each committee, the benefits of volunteering for NPC and how to apply by reading this blog post. We appreciate those considering continuing their NPC service and welcome new individuals ready to serve NPC.

As I close this special "thank you" to our volunteers, I want to say this: Your leadership, guidance, and direction have made others better as a result of the time and talents you have so generously given to NPC. Your extraordinary commitment to service is making a lasting and exceptional impact for the future of the Panhellenic community!


Cheri M. De Jong
2021-23 NPC Chairman