Thursday, April 18, 2024

From the NPC Chair: NPC State of the Conference Update

 Dear friends,

The Annual Membership Meeting of NPC was held on March 23, 2024 in Carmel, Indiana. As part of that meeting, Dani Weatherford, CEO, and I delivered a State of the Conference report on behalf of the NPC Board of Directors to the Council of Delegates. In our report, we shared the work we have conducted to support the Strategic Framework’s two objectives: 

Growing our Panhellenic communities and, 

Championing the sorority experience.  

I pointed to the similarities and differences in our member organizations based on the history of when each joined the Conference, our focus on supporting growth without harming our communities, the need for continued sharing of data to drive informed decision making, and insights that the Culturati research data is providing us that can drive changes to resonate with this generation and future generations.  

Dani Weatherford provided insights into new projects coming online for NPC over the next several months.  Among them, she pointed to a continued interest in connecting the data from our recruitment registration on campuses to the larger data warehouse from NPC.  Additionally, she shared successes from the campus-based digital marketing program market segmentation along with recent advocacy efforts by NPC staff and partners.

A recording of this report is available here.

In addition to the State of the Conference, the Council of Delegates voted on policy legislation, approved the Council of Delegates manual and elected a nominating committee to oversee the 2025-27 NPC Board of Directors election process. 

I want to thank the Council of Delegates for their thoughtful discussions throughout this year as well as the NPC staff for all of their work in preparing and implementing the outcomes from these meetings.


Kelly Beck

2023-25 NPC chair