Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why I Wear My Badge: I Am Proud to be a Panhellenic Woman

Mary Jane Beach, Kappa Alpha Theta

When I put on my badge, I am reminded of the values of Kappa Alpha Theta, and the responsibility and honor I have to represent my organization and the Panhellenic community. Yes, my badge represents the Fraternity, its special values, the leading women who founded the organization and the thousands who have become members since. But, to me it is also a reminder of the common bonds of all of the NPC members. Though our organizations’ badges and rituals may be different, we share a common purpose and together we advocate for the sorority experience.

When I think of Kappa Alpha Theta's founders, leading the way and founding the first Greek-letter Fraternity for women, I wonder if they could have imagined the world-wide network of women, young and old, proudly wearing the Kappa Alpha Theta badge today. I wonder too if they would have imagined the generations of Panhellenic women, graciously representing the values of their sororities and working together to achieve great things. These leading women paved the way for me and so many others, and wearing my badge reminds me of their perseverance and faith in each other and each of us.

I am proud to be a Theta, and proud to be a Panhellenic woman. Wearing my badge reminds me of the pride of our founders, our new members and our alumnae. I am grateful to wear the Kappa Alpha Theta badge, and to demonstrate and share the values of our organization with others.

Celebrate sorority tomorrow by wearing your badge with pride for International Badge Day. RSVP that you'll be participating and download celebration resources online.