Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Message From the Chairman: Advancing Sorority Together

“People who give the best are those who give of themselves ― your time, talents, words, knowledge.” ~ Omoakhuana Anthonia

The sharing of gifts and December are often synonymous with each other. In this month’s message I would like to take the opportunity to capture the giving spirit of the women of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) who share their time, talent and service to advance the sorority experience together.

“Advancing Sorority Together” framed the theme of the 2015-16 NPC annual report, as well as the NPC annual meeting in October 2016. Encapsulated within the annual report are the accomplishments and milestones of NPC’s corps of volunteers and staff committed to excellence in support services and resources provided to 578 College Panhellenics and 176 Alumnae Panhellenics across the United States and Canada. Within the report, NPC captured the spirit of giving in the narratives of women who selflessly contribute their time and talents to further the work of NPC.

In 2015-16, NPC women worked together to design new educational tools for Panhellenic officers, provide advanced leadership training at College Panhellenic Academy, deliver campus-based programming via “Something of Value,” offer consultation through consulting team visits, grow a Foundation, build community and industry partnerships, and expand the public narrative about the sorority experience. Representing the 26 inter/national organizations of NPC, more than 255 dedicated women offered their volunteer services in leadership and delivery of key services. Additionally, professional staff located in Indianapolis continually provides collaboration, support and execution of NPC programming and initiatives.

I salute, and express my gratitude and appreciation to the giving spirit of NPC women, on college campuses, within their communities and globally. In the spirit of giving and collaboration, we ensure a sorority membership experience for women grounded in values and friendship.

Best wishes for a season of joy and peace. 


Donna C. King
Chairman 2015-17